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E-mail: cannabisincanada@gmail.com

 The self-directed empowerment of Cannabis in Canada founders and members are committed to the diversity and autonomy of its membership with a holistic approach to improving the quality of life of persons choosing to use cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses.


The role of The Cannabis in Canada Board of Directors is to:

· Understand the strategic implications and outcomes of initiatives being pursued through Cannabis in Canada activities and outputs;

· Be an advocate for Cannabis in Canada activities and outcomes

Be committed to, and actively involved in pursuing the Cannabis in Canada activities and outputs;

Respectfully consider ideas and issues raised;

· Review the progress of Cannabis in Canada;

· Check adherence of Cannabis in Canada activities to standards of best practice, both within the organization and in the broader context; Provide feedback on Cannabis in Canada activities and outputs as needed. Ensure that each member of the Cannabis in Canada is given the time to bring their voice to the Board of Directors; To act in good faith and in accordance with the BC Societies Act (the rule of law).


Activities and Outputs:

Cannabis in Canada will accomplish its goals and objectives by conducting activities such as focus groups with cannabis users. Holding open forums with various community supports to discuss and address the underling social issues pertaining to persons using cannabis. We recognize cannabis not simply as a health issue, but also as an issue needing vision of social change aimed at overcoming social inequities and addressing their underlying causes: ignorance, poverty, racism, sexism. Through collective action and collaboration with our community supports we strive to improve the sharing of relevant cannabis information and recourses so as people choosing cannabis as a therapy can be more adequately informed. Furthermore with the known lack of native, family, and youth services here in BC Cannabis in Canada will aim to better the regional dynamics through networking with local services already in place for these target groups.

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